13 Years Rise for Freedom.


13 years after the band’s journey to this point, remains the original for ourselves, our families and also for the fans, it is not easy for us to get to this point because every day is fun and fight for us, the struggle for satisfaction for said that more raw. since 2002 we are just people who want to have fun, do a stage dive, screaming, beating drums at full speed, play the guitar riff at full speed and play bass with spontaneous, now we have it all, the family that always reminds us, close friends who always support us and that most feel is when our fans increasingly tighten their forces from Southeast Asia to Sabang to Merauke, today’s age band has reached the age of 13 years and a trip to the new album be a great note for us, thanks you very much to all our friends who’ve come and gone and that to this day is still and will always be an inspiration to us …. 13 Years Rise for Freedom.